What sets Oakridge Wines, Yarra Valley apart for conference day offsite, mid-year or Xmas function is your guest’s experience of authentic, seasonality of local produce and engagement with executive Chef’s Matt Stone & Jo Barrett’s strong sustainability ethos. From the time your guests arrive (60min from CBD Melb) welcomed with a glass of Oakridge Wines’ sparkling white in hand, guests are guided to the large vegetable garden for a tour and forage, greenhouse, cheese & chaterrie room, enjoy a wine tank-wine tasting or native spice tasting – all before setting foot into the restaurant. To quote Gwen Luscombe in a recent article, Matt & Jo ” are part of the new wave of chefs putting hyper-local, sustainably sourced produce on the menu – the new vanguard; a new breed of foraging environmentalist -cum-world-class chefs that are revolutionising how, and what, we eat. They practice what they preach. Matt’s sustainable dining philosophy means he’s sourcing local produce from fresh herbs picked from the garden, to cheese produced from the local dairy, to ducks from a farm down the road – and turning that into high-end dishes bursting with vibrancy. He and Barratt’s intelligent and ethical food have also earned Oakridge a Good Food Guide chef’s hat” Book your mid-year function and save 10% until 30 Sept 2019.