I sat down with Gavin Cohen, Procurement, Logistics, Import, export for over 34 years at Pedders Suspension, to discuss his story hosting his exclusive use event at Byron at Byron Resort & why it was a resounding success!

MJD: Tell us a little about the conference, what is its purpose, objectives
Gavin: This national conference is an annual event that has grown over the years and is held for all store staff to attend, head and state staff. Due to our expansion overseas, we now have international Pedders delegates attending.

MJD: How has the conference evolved & grown & reasons to choose a destination?
Gavin: It has grown to be more of an event as well as a conference including offsite activities, dinners and variety of content for delegates to look forward to attending the conference and value for money.

MJD: Why did you choose Byron at Byron Resort for the event?
Gavin: When searching for a venue, I look for unique and ‘different’ locations that will offer our delegates an experience, other than just a hotel. Also, we want our international delegates attending to see and experience Regional Australia than only a capital city.

MJD: Tell us about the conference & why it was successful?
Gavin: Great location, resort facilities, conference content, functions, entertainment & service. Having exclusive use of Byron at Byron Resort meant we could have extensive branding and the delegates felt very special knowing we had the resort facilities & team to ourselves.

MJD: Could you give me a sentence about ‘why’ you host Pedders Suspension conference?
Gavin: We have clear conference objectives to educate industry trends, future strategy, network as well as inspire delegates to bond and give them a sense of being “one team”. Socially, it is opportunity for them to catch up with each other to get ideas, see what other stores are doing better and face to face interaction

MJD: What did Byron at Byron Resort offer to help you achieve those objectives?
Gavin: A lot of the conference success is the venue including  atmosphere, service standards, staff as well as food quality. Byron at Byron Resort’s location, its layout surround by Rainforest, allowed them to unwind and focus on the conference content and network in a relaxed environment with minimal outside distractions.

MJD: Is there a story from the delegate’s perspective attending the conference you would like to share?
Gavin: There is one new manager, who had recently just started at Pedders and about to start managing a brand-new store in April. This was his first conference and experienced first hand, he is part of a larger team and was able to develop strong relationships among his peers and achieving great sales results.

We love working with our clients as partners to make the event successful. Thank you Gavin for your time and the entire team loved having the conference & great photos!