From the large exclusive use events to smaller boutique sizes of 20 delegates, Byron at Byron Resort delivers intimate experiences to delegates with highly personalised service standards, range of group experiences based on group demographics and the unique layout of the resort of natural onsite spaces including Lotus Gardens pictured below:

Our Financial Services client kindly shared some of why Byron at Byron Resort was perfect destination for their conference.

MJD: Tell us a little about the conference, what is it’s purpose, objectives
Felicity: Our offsite brings our global leadership team together to plan for the year ahead and align to future strategy, it also gives us time to reconnect and strengthen relationships.

MJD: Why did you initially consider Byron at Byron Resort for the event?
Felicity: The location and word of mouth – one of my colleagues is a repeat client and continually raved about it!

MJD: What were, if any, your initial concerns about using Byron at Byron Resort?
Felicity: Organising an event remotely and the potential misunderstanding of requirements between parties can be a risk. Any initial concerns were squashed immediately from trust from on-ground sales representative to our event manager who we developed a strong relationship through to delivery.

MJD: Tell us about the conference & why it was successful?
Felicity: The conference was for 22 international and domestic guests, across 5 days with a group activity, dinners and 3 full days of meetings.
The event was successful as the Byron at Byron team ensured that everything that was planned or requested in addition or at the last minute was delivered. The staff made everyone feel as though they were the most important person there and nothing was too much trouble.

MJD: How did the destination, Byron Bay and Byron at Byron Resort assist to achieve these objectives of the conference?
Felicity: Upon arriving at Byron Bay we all enjoyed the very relaxed and calm vibe of not only the resort though all surrounding locations we visited.
Highlights for my team being hot air ballooning followed by a beach swim on return to Byron at Byron. We had an amazing dinner in the Byron at Byron Lotus Garden and another special treat was drinks at the Lighthouse for sunset recommended and organised by the Byron at Byron team. Overall the resort, its staff and our meals were excellent and the venue is simply perfect, business inside and absolute relaxation outside giving the team an excellent balance.
Feedback from my guests was they were able to leave business aside one they stepped out into tranquillity of the resort.

A huge success overall, we will definitely be back!

Thank you Felicity, we love partnering with companies to deliver memorable events & strong ambassadors for our resort!